Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bento #32 and #33

Bento #32: Breakfast last Saturday - ham sandwiches, grapes, butter cookies. Love the butter cookies, it is a no-brand type which brings back fond memories when I was a kid....from those market stalls selling biscuits/cookies by weight.
Bento #33: This was a "bento" done by Bubbles, who is only 5 yrs old. I think she has some talent in this! This is actually porridge, served with a simple omelette in the shape of a heart, with peas and fishcake slices.
*sorry, don't know why the photo orientation cannot be right, tried a few times!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bento #30 and #31

Bento in the garden: Rice with spinach leaves, dried Chinese mushrooms, with cheese butterfly and ham flowers. On the right are quails eggs and purple grapes.

Walk down the lane: Rice with chicken and carrot stew, broccoli and prawns and little "footsteps". Fruits for dessert - apples and grapes. Did you see the homemade pick? Bubbles drew and coloured the little bear face. Now we can save $ and make our own picks!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bento #29

This is a backdated meal. Tri-coloured shell-shaped pasta served with chicken in tomato sauce, with chicken and beef sausages. 2 plain crackers and mandarin orange segments.

Usually I have to separate the sauce from the pasta, as Buttercup is really particular. She prefers her pasta free of sauce. Depends on her mood whether she will put any topping on her pasta at all.

Bento #28

Tonight's dinner for the gals. Bubbles did the deco. Looks like a clown to me.

Chicken, mushroom and peas in their fav cheesy sauce (just a simple sauce of milk plus cheese slices melted). White rice with pork floss. Added a almond jelly and apple slices to complete the meal. The marshmellow was an encouragement sweet.
Bubbles polished everything off her plate tonight. Perhaps it is the sense of pride of her work.
Ours was also a chicken-based meal. White rice, green curry with local eggplants and peas. Sliced chillies and dried parsley for garnish.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Buttercup!

My "baby" turned 4 yesterday! Time flies. But to me, she will still be the baby of the lot. :P

Friday, April 10, 2009

Healthy breakfast

Hopefully a healthier breakfast: oats with mini hot dog bun plus a traditional chinese kueh (nowadays the kids don't fancy it though, ended in my tummy)

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

We went to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden at Bukit Timah Road this morning as it was a public holiday in Singapore. Blossom got up real early and was really excited about the trip. She woke up at 6.3oam which is an amazing feat for her!

Lovely place for children (up to ages 12). Lots of plants to check out, and with playground, water play area, sand pit, plus this huge treehouse.

This exhibit was on photosynthesis and plants as a factory.
Blossom was also amazed by a 100-year old tree that was struck by lightning and which had roots as huge as walls. They had a rocking good time at the suspension bridge too.

We found this a great place to bring the children too and admission is free. Besides having fun, they get to see plants and trees which they would not see at usuall places. We spotted a cotton plant (which they found it interesting that it would end up to be their T-shirt), peanut plant, tapioca, banana, plantain (which I also mistook as a banana plant)... it was education for them (and for me too!)

Check out their website at:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bento #27

Wow! Time really flies! It has been a while since my last post.

Frankly, have not been doing much baking and bentoing recently. Too many things to keep me busy. Strangely, at times there is this feeling of guilt for not updating my blog.

This is the recent dinner for my gals. Heart-shaped riceballs with stirfried cauliflower and carrots, 2 "dinosaur" chicken nuggets, minced meat omelette, stewed potatoes with meat and peas. Dessert was two-coloured grapes plus yoghurt.

The plate was bought from Daiso (went shopping again!) , a steal at S$2. :)
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