Sunday, August 30, 2009

Countryside in SG

Did you know that in the metropolitan and busy Singapore, there lies some countrysides? We finally had a chance to take a roadtrip to check it out. It was a Sunday morning, weather was cool but slightly overcast, and no classes for the gals.

Couldn't resist taking a photo from the car, at the long winding road along the 'countryside', no high rise buildings in sight (which is hard to find in the built-up SG).

There was actually a promotion organised by the Kranji Countryside going on. It was something like treasure hunt, and participants could drive to the many farms listed in the "FarmPass" to collect a stamp. After collecting a number of stamps, participants were entitled to the gift. Although the gals looked forward to the stamps at each stop, nevertheless, I thought it was a good way for us to learn more about the farms in SG.

First stop was the Hay Dairies Goat Farm. Missed the milking session, but still had a good look at the goats. Buttercup, who had just been to the farm a few weeks back with her classmates, was the unofficial tourguide giving her "introduction". She was saying that the goats came all the way from America (?). She even knew that the goats have udders. Hmm, not bad for a 4-yr old's vocabulary. I don't think I was aware of the word until very much older. Bought some goats' milk before leaving, the kids (except Bubbles) tried the chocolate-flavoured goat milk.
Next, was a vege farm. Have you seen a scarecrow before in Singapore? Everyone was amazed...
Here's Blossom posing next to the long melon (sorry, could remember the name of the melon)

At the koi fishfarm We also went to Bollywood Veggies, it was a nice place to see all the different tropical fruit and veggies. It brought the "Wild Singapore" side to us.
Another pitstop was the bullfrog farm. Looks quite easy to rear, they just need a bit of water, and the love to pile ontop of one another.

Pardon my ignorance, this is the first time I have seen a dragonfruit plant (龙株果) in my entire life. You could have imagined my excitment :P
This photo was taken at the GardenAsia, where the gals picked up their gift (2x keychains, 1 $20 voucher redeemable at the cafe, and 1 packet of roselles). Mission accomplished!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sandwich cutter

Latest "toy"!

Couldn't resist getting this coz I thought that it would really save on the extra bread cut outs. Usually if I use the cookie cutter to get the shapes, there are bond to have extras, which eventually have to end up in this mummy's tummy. (sigh need to keep watch of my waistline as I get older).

Here's Buttercup trying her hands at it - i was smiling to myself, as she looked like she had to work very hard for her breakfast this day hehehe

How's the final product? There is an elelphant, terrier, car and a whale.

Blossoms 1st "project"

This was Blossom's 1st project, which was done when she was in P2. The teacher wanted them to do a 'project' about Malaysia. I did some of the background work, printing the pictures and advising her what to write. The kids liked the footprint idea, even her frens in school wanted to peel off the stickers. One of her friends' project was really good, a 3-D model of the Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur! Amazing
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