Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My Bubbles had been down with shingles since last week. Ordered to stay home for 14 days, coz it is contagious. When I brought her to the hospital to see the doctor that night, we were ushered into the 'empty" tent in the carpark. It had aircon but it was not switched on. The air seemed stale there, was wondering if the tent had not been used for quite a while? Anyway, after 3 days of fever (at times alarmingly high), plus days of headache, tummy pain, vommitting, blisters pain and itch, she looks more or less on the road to recovery. She is now having a cold and cough. On the very bad days, she only wanted me at the bed, rubbing her forehead and tummy all the time.

Poor little gal, to get the virus twice so soon (Shingles is caused bythe same virus as chickenpox, which she had when she was one yr old, when the virus decides to 'erupt' again). Reminds me of the time when she caught Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease twice too.

Tough to be sick. So always count our blessings! Glad she is feeling better now :)
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