Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to do with extra whipping cream?

The earlier Father's Day cake used up only 1/4 of the whipping cream. My fren FwF said that whipping cream should be used up asap when opened, or may be stored better if placed in an air-tight container.

We were looking at some ice-cream receipes that used whipping cream and we saw one on Mango Yoghurt Ice-cream. It uses whipping cream and yoghurt (which I did not have in my fridge and I was too lazy to purposely go to the convenience store just to get a tub). No mangoes either but there were strawberries and red dragonfruit in my fridge.

So i "whipped" up some strawberry ice-cream. It tasted a bit sour even without the yoghurt, perhaps due to the strawberries. hmm, not too bad :)
There were still whipping cream left (aargh)...

So decided on a coffee sponge cake (Gina's receipe).

Flat out by the time I completed my tasks last night. But there is still whipping cream left!!! :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Was looking through my drafts...didn't realise that this was not saved earlier. Hortpark outing sometime back...

More activities

These are some of the activities that the kids have been enjoying now that they are on "June holiday" from the enrichment classes.

Scooter Gals
Painful "fun" at the reflexology corner Trying their hands at tennis (or rather picking tennis balls)

The tree house - looks like the house was built before they placed the tree in :P

1-day tour - Yakult factory + Fish farm

We took leave to take our powerpuff gals out for the day. Joined a 1-day tour that took us to the Qian Hu Fish Farm, Yakult factory, Fragrance foodstuff @Woodlands Industrial estate. Not bad deal for S$5 per pax.

Lots of excitement for the gals, it rubbed off on me too. Feel so good to have quality time with the 3 of them together. With each of them having school, childcare, enrichment classes and plus us adults dealing with our work commitments, it is really precious to spend a whole day out enjoying one another's company.

Saw lots of fish at the farm. It is a nice place to spend time admiring the many many species of fish, some of which even I have not seen before. Lots of koi and luohan fish around too. Still rem the craze in Singapore some years back over the bulging head luohan fish, with the unique patterns on its body that most rears swear are 4-D (lottery) numbers? When Bubbles saw them, she said the fish so funny, why does it look like they have stickers pasted on their body? She was referring to the patterns. Some see them as magic numbers, but to most of us, we see them as patches or "stickers" :)

There are 3 pools for fish spa at the farm (where you can place your feet in the water and let the little fish nibble them). And there are koi and tortoise ponds where my gals enjoyed feeding them fishfood (bought at S$1 each small pack). They found it really fun to feed them, maybe they do not get much opportunities to do so usually.

Next stop was the Yakult factory, where we were given a tour around the premises and briefed about the unique bacteria in the product etc. I was also very excited about this tour, as never been to such a factory before. Of course there was free yakult to drink and discounted items to buy.

After the tours ended, there was still time and off we went for a movie. Actually it is the first time that we took our gals to the cinema after all these years since I had my 1stborn. As since their age gaps are pretty close, we were never ready to bring our young gals to the cinema. Anyway, they are still not able to sit still for a full-length movie.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day

Wishing all fathers a Happy Fathers' Day!

Baked a chocolate cake, and covered it with whipped cream. Blossoms helped me with the writing on the cake. I think she did a marvelous job. My hubby wanted to bring this to my in-laws for the night, but I was very relunctant. Don't want to be embarrassed hehehe, as I knew this cake was not perfect. After the getting all the ingredients together and pouring it into the cake tin did I realised that there was flour left in the bottom of the mixing bowl not mixed properly. Wanted to kick myself! Anyway, nothing could be salvaged then so I got on with the baking. Luckily still edible but dun want to bring it out of the house. We had a small cake cutting "ceremony" at home after we came back from my in-laws' place. Anyway, my SIL bought one for my in-laws.

Commercially, there is less hype on this day as compared to Mothers' Day. But I feel daddies should also have their day, as they play an equally important role in the children's lives. This is the 2nd year that I am not able to celebrate the day with my dad. Time has passed quickly, but memories are not so easily gone. There is sadness whenever I think about him.

Buttercup told me last night that she missed Yeye too. Asked her why, she said because Yeye always blows her balloons. She was genuinely missing him, as I could see some wetness in her eyes. It made mine water too. But I told her (and also to myself) he is in a better place now and is free of all pain.
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