Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day

Wishing all fathers a Happy Fathers' Day!

Baked a chocolate cake, and covered it with whipped cream. Blossoms helped me with the writing on the cake. I think she did a marvelous job. My hubby wanted to bring this to my in-laws for the night, but I was very relunctant. Don't want to be embarrassed hehehe, as I knew this cake was not perfect. After the getting all the ingredients together and pouring it into the cake tin did I realised that there was flour left in the bottom of the mixing bowl not mixed properly. Wanted to kick myself! Anyway, nothing could be salvaged then so I got on with the baking. Luckily still edible but dun want to bring it out of the house. We had a small cake cutting "ceremony" at home after we came back from my in-laws' place. Anyway, my SIL bought one for my in-laws.

Commercially, there is less hype on this day as compared to Mothers' Day. But I feel daddies should also have their day, as they play an equally important role in the children's lives. This is the 2nd year that I am not able to celebrate the day with my dad. Time has passed quickly, but memories are not so easily gone. There is sadness whenever I think about him.

Buttercup told me last night that she missed Yeye too. Asked her why, she said because Yeye always blows her balloons. She was genuinely missing him, as I could see some wetness in her eyes. It made mine water too. But I told her (and also to myself) he is in a better place now and is free of all pain.

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