Thursday, September 25, 2008

English Trifle

Made this English Trifle after dinner dessert for DH's friends when they came over to our place last weekend. Always wanted to make this. First encounter with the trifle was when were were in UK in the early 80s. This dessert was very commonly available at the St Michaels/Marks & Spencer stores. I remembered that theirs had a layer of cocktail jelly as the base, thin layer of cake above that, then loads of custard and finally lovely cream. Sis, if you are reading this, let me know if my memory still holds well? Could not get over the sweet taste, and at times I would have this craving to taste that taste over again. (like I have this ocassional recollection of the taste of that chicken pie my dad used to buy from the now defunct Lakeview market).

My attempt at this turned out still ok, although it was not quite the taste I wanted. Layered some pound cake cubes at the bottom of the glasses (I only have mocha ones in the freezer), sliced strawberries and bananas in some orange juice, vanilla pudding (ok, I cheated as I used instant ones) and whipped cream on top. In my haste, I forgot to add a sprig of mint leave from my potted garden for garnishing.

I did it in the morning before going to work, so left the dessert in the fridge for a full day. I think it is better that way, at least let it sit for a few hours.

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