Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bento #23, #24, #25

Bento#23: Blanched cauliflower, stir-fried chicken with carrots and onions (not featured here because the kids won't have any onions- unless it comes in the form of doughnut rings aka onion rings), fried cabbage with dried shrimps. Dragonfruit cubes were served. Told them a white lie that they were jellyfruits. At least it made them try the fruit.

Bento #24: Popcorn chicken (ketchup in green container), fried kailan with carrot rounds, steamed threadfin fish. Jellyfruit plus kiwi, served with the everfavourite flower marshmallow.

Bento #25: This was one of the dinners last week. I think it was pork slices in soysauce, fried french beans, plus a "bird's nest with 2 eggs" (aka fishball + spinach). They love spinach and fishball combo, esp cooked as a soup. No complaints from me - easy peasy to cook anyway. :P

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