Thursday, April 15, 2010

Icing Room

We passed by Icing Room @ Jurong Point and the gals were so amazed at the icing. This is a really good concept, especially for those who do not want the hassle of preparing the cake with frosting but just want to try their hands being a decorator. We bought the medium-sized cake that was ready frosted with white fresh cream. A few cones of coloured frosting and some sprinkles came with the 'package'. The gals were so eager to add 'colours' to their 'canvas'

Deciding how to decorate... With 3 different minds, I know it is difficult to come to a consensus.

Blossom took charge and told her siblings to make it a "Happy day" cake.

But look at the final 'product'! Aiyo! Colourful indeed... But what is the theme huh? "Mesh of colours"? " Bird's nest rainbow" :P They had a happy day indeed.


Honey boy said...

This is a gret idea for kids!!!

Beary said...

Yes, certainly a good way for them to have fun and bring home a cake at the same time.

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