Monday, October 20, 2008

Bentos #14, #15, #16

Bento #14: Star onigiri topped with animal biscuit, served with seafood rolls and steamed minced pork with egg and stir-fried pak choy. Fruit: apples.

The seafood rolls were store bought and it looked nice when sliced - it had seaweed, green onions and imitation crabstick. Steamed minced pork is always a favourite for the gals, as the pork juices just go so well with the steam eggs.

Bento #15: Heart-shaped rice with braised chicken drumstick for Blossom. Oven toasted ngoh hiang and stir-fried spinach. On the right is a nest of quail eggs and "chicks". Fruit: extra sweet strawberry.
Finally had some time on my hands to experiment making the quail egg chicks. Sesame seed for the eyes and strawberry/tomato for the beaks. Next time should use carrot for the beaks as I think that may look better.
Bento #16: This is the "monster" bento. Spinach hair and char siew eyes and roast pork for the grin. Dessert was papaya cubes.

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