Friday, January 14, 2011

Icing Room II - Angry Bird Cake

For hubby's birthday this year, it so happened that it was also the girls' first day of school. We spent quality time with them having breakfast, lunch and sending them to and fro school.

I asked Blossom if she wanted to decorate a cake for papa, she was very happy to do so - alone (the other two were in school then). Remember the last time they decorated a cake together at Icing Room? It turned out to be a everything-also-pile-on cake. I know it is hard as each of them was an individual with their artistic ideas.

I asked Blossom to decide on what to put on the cake. At first she wanted butterflies coz that is usually a girlie idea. Then she changed her theme to 'musical'. I hinted to her perhaps to have something that papa likes or can relate to, and I know that he is currently obsessed with his iphone app game Angry Birds. She agreed and we started work on it. I drew the outline of the bird from what i remembered and she filled the colours and put in the musical notes.

When we cut the cake at night, luckily the other two didn't make too much a fuss on why jie jie was allowed to decorate a cake. Phew.
Later I checked out the app image. Forgot to put in the tail and the angry furrowed eyebrows. hehehe.

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