Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a hiatus!

Happy New Year 2011! Time, subconsiously amidst our busy-ness, passes by without our noticing. Ironically, it is only when we stand still and relook back that we alarming realise that it is another year (and my white hair strands coming out) But good things also deserve our notice - my girls have grown (Blossom's height is now at my shoulder).

Didn't realise that it has been such a long while since I last wrote or posted a photo. Lost the passion at some times. Things caught up. Or I was caught up.

Enough of the procrastinating. I have given the blog a new skin and look!

Notwithstanding the above, I have done a few things for my loved ones during the 'hiatus'. Let's rewind the clock :)

Mid-Autumn Festival
Went for a course with my fren L. It taught us how to make the baked mooncake as well as the snowskin one. We had a good time at the course and also during our search for the best mooncake filling that brought us to the east side of the island. I only managed to try the snowskin one at home. I loved the moulds.

Trip to Hong Kong
We went for a short trip over the National Day holiday. The egg tarts were truly delicious!
No creative juices flowed when I had to put down what to bring for my Buttercup's Xmas party in the childcare centre. It was a repeat item (from 2008). But I think the kids liked the colours and the cute edible icing figurines.

Last year i did egg-boats for them:

Cookies for my colleagues:
And Gingerbread men done by my 3 girls:

Ad hoc items:
Avocado mousse tart
I think i overbeat the whipping cream, resulting in the specks on the mousse, sigh. But the taste was creamy, a pity the girls didn't like avocado.

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