Friday, January 14, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

The Chinese New Year will arrive in less than 3 weeks time. Stalls have put up their CNY ware, some even on Boxing Day. I like the way Chinese like to decorate their place in red (auspicious colour). This was more a recent liking, when I was younger thought it was so 'lao tu' (old-fashioned). Guess age changes our perspective on the things around us. Or I have joined the rank of an auntie. Oops.

Planned to make some CNY goodies. Lots of plans, but usually little time. Here's what I did last week:

Fried crabstick crisps
This was surprising good and addictive and it is such a no-brainer to prepare. Just shred the crabsticks and fry them in oil.

Porkfloss Rolls
I make these every year. My hubby's favourite. It is quite a nice snack, can't stop at two. But it is back straining exercise making the rolls by hand. I'll use frozen popiah (springroll) skins, cut them in four quarters, and wrap porkfloss in them. Then deep-fry. Pardon the non-uniform shape of each roll, after all these years, still have not mastered the technique of making them all look the same. Despite the appearance, these were quickly snapped up, and my hubby offered to buy more porkfloss (hint hint).
Sugared Crisps
Also quite a easy item to make. Just deepfry the popiah skin and sprinkle sugar over them.

Bubbles and Buttercup did volunteer their help with the making of the sugared crisps, here's Buttercup hard at work:

It was a fun bonding time for the 3 of us that afternoon :)

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