Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bento Lunch to Work - Bento #1

This was my lunchbox last week. Using my powerpuff gal's lunchbox, as you can see. They are really crazy abt this group. Anyway, had some leftovers and since food prices have been spiralling northwards, it was a good way to reduce food waste and save $$.

Some fried rice with egg and brocolli, with some lotus root slices over it. We had lotus root + peanut + pork rib soup for dinner last night. Ransacked my fridge and found a lovely mandarin orange and some blueberries. At least there was a sale of blueberries over the weekend at NTUC, it was like $3.95 for 2 boxes. Made no hesitation to grab 2 boxes. I did use some to make a batch of blueberries muffins, which my gals didn't like at all. Said it was sour. But I thought this box of blueberries were the sweetest I had tasted so far *scratch head*

Anyway, it was a lovely lunch!

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