Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watermelon cookies

Blossom and Bubbles did not have school yesterday. We had a beary good breakfast of ham and cheese sandwich! They were cut in the shapes of bears.

The afternoon was long, I always think so when I am home. Inspired by Pure Enjoyment's success at baking watermelon cookies, and since the two gals were restless, I promised them to make some too. They were really excited about getting to knead dough again. I was more worried about the cleaning up. Blossom can now read recipes for me, and it was a good opportunity for her to learn the different types of measurements, scales and ingredients. She was pretty good at telling me what the ingredients we have to get and the next step to do.

The making of the watermelon cookies were pretty tedious. The dough had to be divided into three portions and two portions were coloured red and green. The red ball of dough had to be wrapped in uncoloured dough, then afterwhich wrapped in green dough. It was a little difficult feat for my gals, so I ended up doing most of the wrapping. But they had fun cutting up the doughball into 6 pieces of "watermelon" and putting the "seeds" on.

Here is the result:

I thought the colour looked really lovely after the baking. The rough surfaces really made it looked like a real watermelon wedge.

Here's the tray of dough before it was sent into the oven.
Blossom and Bubbles had even more fun eating the cookies. When Buttercup came home from daycare, she was served some cookies. And she asked for seconds. And she asked for somemore even during dinnertime.

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