Friday, August 29, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Was in the mood for baking last night. After dinner and the washing up, i set off quietly into my "escapade" in the kitchen. Usually I try to sneak around in the kitchen when I am preparing the ingredients, if not once the Powerpuff gals storm in, it is really chaotic and difficult to get things organised. :P

Tried out this Chocolate Chip Cookie receipe from Aunty Yochana. It is definitely a keeper. DH took a bite and said that this was the one! He had been trying to tell me to bake "that" cookie that I had done last year, as he said it was really good. Finally got the cookie that he likes! This is a little crunchy yet melt in the mouth. The gals sniffed out that I was up to something in the kitchen and in no time, they took their kiddo chairs into the kitchen to join in the action. Look at Buttercup having a great time. Her smile says it all! Not bad for a 3-year old - she is an accomplished "mixer"
Today, most schools celebrate Teachers' Day. Packed some of the cookies into the goody bags for my gals' teachers. Thanks so much for being so tolerant to my gals! Esp the kind teachers at the daycare centre. Happy Teachers' Day!

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