Friday, August 15, 2008

Wienner sausage

I have always been intrigued by wienner sausages and the creations mommies make out of it. Was contemplating whether to get the wienner sausage moulds from Ebay. I was home yesterday waiting for the workmen to finish their job on the toilet flooring, and I decided to take out the chicken cocktail sausages in my fridge and experiment with it. The sausages I bought from NTUC was vacuum-packed. I was a little disappointed as their shapes were not looking like the perfect sausage. Anyway, experiemented using a sharp knife to make scours and cuts on the sausage.

Here are the results:

Mini crab
Little bunny (should have cut it the other way around, bunnies should not have such big noses!)

This was my gals' dinner last night.

Rice, sausages, heart-shaped boiled egg, braised chicken wings, cucumber.

The sausages were stir-fried with cucumber and tomatoes, plus a little ketchup. For the adults, we also had fried kangkong with fermented beancurd, and the braised chicken wings.

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