Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More kiddo dinners - Bento #2 and #3

I am trying very hard during dinnertime to have my girls finish (sometimes even to attempt) dinner. Still a novice and learning on the job.

Here are 2 samples:
This fella looks like me after all the cooking and washing up! hahaha. Rice with tanghoon as the hair and hairygourd/melon eyes and hairclip and a weary carrot smile. They love fishballs usually so added them with slices of their favourite apples.
Here's another: Rice cubes with braised shitake mushrooms, served with carrot shapes. Then there is roasted chicken and some alphabet crackers. Grapes for dessert.

I saw this disposable bento plate that comes with lid at Daiso. It was a steal for $2 and luckily they have 3 different designs to choose from. I grabbed all 3.

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