Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home-made Ngoh Hiang

With the help of my mom, I have been trying to cook dinner daily after work. It seems more a possibility now that we are staying closer to my workplace. After picking up Bubbles and Buttercup, we head home to prepare dinner. In between the cooking, I'll quickly run downstairs to wait for Blossom. She goes to and fro school by school bus.

Featured is DH's grandma's yummylicious ngoh hiang, which she made herself. She is in her 80s but she is still so nimble. My DH's favourite! We had some leftover mutton rendang. Quickly fried chicken nuggets, one for each gal, and that turned out to be their highlight of the meal! Was trying to tempt them to eating their red spinach, which I cooked in a soup together with fishballs and ikan bilis. I had less luck this time round, only Blossom wanted it. The previous time they were so enthusiastic in wanting to try what Popeye has been squeezing out of his cans. I thought I had been successful in getting them to eat their veges. They even showed me their "muscles" after each spoonful of the spinach.
Rice, home-made ngoh hiang, chicken nuggets, fishball soup with red spinach, papaya

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